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Q1. When will the programme start?

We have completed recruitment for our September 2017 intake and this programme lasts for two years. The next intake will commence in September 2019 - applications will open in Autumn 2018.

Q2. What is the objective of the Accelerate programme?

To create a strong pipeline of senior management and marketing talent who will become future leaders of our business, offering graduates amazing career and development opportunities in order to get there!

Q3. Why is Accelerate titled differently in each region?

Research has told us that 'Accelerate Graduate Programme' means different things in different cultures.The programmes are the same in each region with the same number of placement rotations, same levels of responsibility and same development opportunities. It makes sense to adapt the title of the programme for each region so that it appeals to the right people:

•   USA: Accelerate Leadership Development Program
•   Asia: Accelerate Management Trainee Programme
•   UK: Accelerate Graduate Programme

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Q1. Where will I be based?

The programme consists of up to four placements, each at a different Merlin site. Placements are tailored to individual development needs and you must be prepared to travel locally or potentially internationally for up to six months at a time.

Q2. If I have to relocate, is accommodation provided?

Accommodation isn’t provided, though we will do our best to support you in sourcing somewhere to live within the local area. Merlin will pay for all reasonable relocation travel expenses.

Q3. Will Merlin Entertainments help me get a work permit?

You must already be eligible to work in the country that you are applying for. Once you’re on the programme and if one of your placements is based outside of your home country, we could help you get a visa.

Q4. What is the starting salary in each country?

Graduates receive a competitive starting salary which aligns with the local benchmark for that country plus a range of great benefits including a laptop and a Merlin Magic Pass. The salary in each country is governed by local employment law and salary levels. If one of your placements is outside of your home location, you will be paid the equivalent salary of the country you are working in.


Q1. Can I apply for deferred entry?
Sorry, we are only looking for people who can start in September 2019.

Q2. What does the recruitment process entail and how to do I apply?

Take a look at the 'Apply' page for more information. If you have any questions during the application process, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Q3. I already work for Merlin Entertainments plc - am I able to apply?

Yes, your application would be welcome.

Q4. What qualities do you look for in successful applicants?

First and foremost, you’ll need the drive and energy to ensure that the Accelerate programme is successful for both yourself and the business. Flexibility, commitment and mobility are essential within this fast-paced business, and you must also be willing to embrace change. Take a look at 'the personal bit' section on the ‘It's All About You' page to find out more.

Q5. Do you require a minimum degree class?

Yes, you’ll need at least a Bachelor degree with a minimum of a 2:1 classification or an equivalent international qualification (if you’re from the US, you’ll need a 3.2 GPA as a minimum). Your degree should be in a related subject (Business Management or similar/Marketing or similar/Hospitality & Tourism or similar) or a subject which demonstrates high academic achievement (Law or Finance for example). If you’ve not yet completed your studies, but your predicted grades for Summer 2017 meet the above criteria, you are welcome to apply.


Q1. What is the development plan?
You’ll attend a ‘Welcome to the Magic’ event at the beginning of your programme. This includes an introduction to the business, the opportunity to meet the CEO and senior managers, visits to some of our UK attractions and key training.

On top of that, you’ll attend two Development Events during your 24-month journey. These give you the chance to reflect on your experiences so far, refine your development needs for the rest of your programme and get more key training. The Final Development Event brings the programme to a close and is heavily focused on career planning.

You can look forward to training workshops and a wide variety of online modules in the Merlin School of Magic learning platform too. And of course, rotating through different sites means you’ll be exposed to a diverse series of development challenges as you learn about the different brand types within Merlin.

Q2. How would my performance as a graduate be monitored?

You will have your own Performance Development Plan (PDP) with objectives set at each placement and regular reviews with your line manager. There’s also your Accelerate development path where you’ll review progress and share experiences with your fellow graduates at development events in the UK.

Q3. What happens during my induction?

Your ‘Welcome to the Magic’ Event will take place in the UK and will give you a real insight into our business, culture and values. As well as meeting senior leaders from across the business, you’ll learn how our business works and get to know your graduate colleagues from around the world. It’s a great kick-start for your journey ahead.

Q5. Can I choose where I will be based?

We decide your placement locations based on your development needs and locations will be agreed between yourself and the Graduate HR Team. You should be willing to travel locally and possibly internationally for at least six months at a time.

Q6. What opportunities are there for career progression?

As a global company with ambitious growth plans, we can offer amazing career opportunities for driven graduates. At the end of the programme, you will be supported to apply for a permanent role within the business, and we'll keep you busy until your dream job comes up. If you have the will, belief and skills, your career has no limits. Our successful Alumni population proves that we really can Accelerate your career.

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